My love for photography – even the gene if you like (my grandparent was a photographer) pushed me into working systematically with photography since 1990, leaving my studies at the Economics University Pireus.

I worked as a help for different photographers, while i was having photography lessons in LEICA ACADEMY in Athens.

From 1991 to 1997 i worked as a photographer in Athens, working with Bill Georgousis and almost every fashion magazine: KLIK, NITRO, MEN, GYNAIKA, DIVA, MADAME FIGARO etc.

I also worked with many model’s agencies and photographers agencies like: AGENCE UNIQUE, MODELS ONE, ACTION, PRESTIGE.

From 1997 till today i have a photograph studio in Igoumenitsa, photographing mostly weddings, christenings and portraits.

My goal is to tell a story through pictures, a story imprinting emotions, without technical effects to impress, but in a simple way, because i believe that pictures come to life when they are real.

Favourite Photographer: HENRY GARTIER BRESSON.